Business Information

Every business requires skilled administrators to ensure it functions optimally and efficiently. Amongst the required skills of the most proficient administrator are those that are heavily influenced by accountancy.

Some of the key functions that ensure profitability and employee satisfaction levels require specialist knowledge and skills, and if you don’t have this champion in your business it’s time to give Nexia New Zealand a call.

The key services we provide to the business administration function are:

  • Payroll processing
  • Debtors processing
  • Payment of creditors
  • Cash flow management

If you’re needing advice and service around any of the above then Nexia New Zealand are your Business Administration partners. Minimise the impact of getting the important functions wrong and ensure a happy workforce and balanced financial component of your business through our specialist knowledge and breadth of experience.

“The main way to reduce stress in the workplace is by picking the right people”.

Jesse Schell