Accounting Services

The core of our business, and yes, we love numbers! It doesn’t matter where they hide – in the business, in the Profit and Loss statement, or whether they need to be extracted from a business’ operations, we’ll find them and make sense of them for you.

We know you won’t necessarily have the same passion for numbers and knowledge of the taxation system we have, and it’s better that your time and energy is spent in the business making the money rather than having to managing it. Leave the mundane accounting functions to us while you focus your energies on increasing productivity, creating efficiencies and making more profit.

Whether its compliance, tax, or simply business administration operations, Nexia New Zealand have the people that will manage your business and support functions and ensure that your tax requirements are met. Most importantly we will mitigate those unwanted end of financial year surprises.

Leave it to the professionals and do what you want to do! Sit back while Nexia New Zealand guide you through the process, and advise you of easier ways to meet your accounting obligations.