IRD Audits and Disputes

Our team has extensive experience in dealing with and resolving IRD audits, risk reviews and disputes. One of the biggest mistakes we see in practice is responding to IRD audits in a haphazard manner and not engaging with a tax advisor until the late stages of the audit. 

IRD reviews, audits and disputes are a formal process with legally prescribed time periods. If you receive an IRD risk review or audit notification it is important that a strategic approach is taken from the outset as this provides you with the best opportunity to resolve the audit in a favourable and timely manner. 

Our core objectives are to help our clients retain their wealth through effective, quality tax decisions, and to ensure that tax isn’t keeping them awake at night. Our approach to IRD audits and disputes is no different. We understand they can be a stressful event for our clients and we work to ensure that the dispute process is managed in a transparent, clear and strategic manner.