Simple Health Tips

July 5, 2017

It’s true in life that when we feel better, we perform better too. Of course, this extends to our workplace environment. If you want to be able to give the best to your business and reap the best results in return, you need to feel tip top.

This isn’t about a complete overhaul, crash diets or boot camp. It’s simply about some minor lifestyle changes both in and out of the office that can have a positive effect on you and your business. It may also filter through to your employees.

Get up!

First of all you need to be aware of your physical well-being. As humans, we are not designed to sit for long periods of time. When we do, it badly undermines our posture, our energy and in turn our productivity. Get off your backside as much as you can. Take walking phone calls, get out of the office for meetings and don’t limit it to cafes where you’re likely to sit back down, or even worse, gorge on muffins. Think about walking through the local park or along the street when discussing issues with clients or colleagues. Organise to exercise during lunch hours or even encourage your colleagues to join you. Most importantly, stand up regularly and stretch. Our muscles compact after long periods of sitting, so it’s important to give them a breath of fresh air and a burst of energy.

Start right

Remember to fuel the machine with the right foods and start the day right. It’s not just an old wives’ tale that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don’t skip it and make it healthy. If you’re stumped, look online – there are truckloads of websites and blogs with simple, easy to follow ideas for healthy meals. In the office, take time away from your desk and drink plenty of water.

Stay right

Invite a nutritionist to come and speak to your team, to provide tips on eating right. Plan ahead for meals by making lunch the night before, so that you’re less likely to crumble under the pressure of cravings. Get rid of vending machines in the office because the bottom line is that they’re not doing you any favours. Make casual Friday a shared lunch day based around salads in summer and soups in winter.

Inspire and motivate your team by what you’re doing. You could leverage this into team building activities or just fun ways to let off steam, burn off workday stress and boost the productivity of your business.

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