Raising awareness of gynaecological cancer

October 15, 2020


Last night Nexia Christchurch and Craigs Investment Partners jointly hosted a women’s networking event “Raising the Awareness of Gynaecological Cancer”. Our Nexia Partner, Pam Clarke, is on the board of the Gynaecological Cancer Research Trust (Graci), so this topic is very close to her heart.

Gynaecological cancers affects over a thousand women a year in NZ, more women succumb to these cancers here than melanoma, yet they are not widely discussed. We were honoured to have Bryony Simcock speak, she is one of two gynae-oncologists who care for women in the South Island.

Bryony spoke about her experiences in the field of gynae-oncology and the incredible women she meets her are fighting these cancers. Importantly she covered the important signs we should look out for and how vital the HPV vaccination is to the prevention of cervical cancer. It was incredibly insightful and highlighted the importance of spreading awareness to improve outcomes for ourselves, as well as our loved ones.

Gynaecological cancer receives very little research funding, donate the cost of a coffee to Graci and help make a difference. Click here for more information.


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