Knowledge Sharing Seminar - Improving Performance Under Pressure

March 20, 2019


Are you on task? Above the Line (In the Blue) or below the line (In the Red).

It was great having Renzie Hanham and Andrew Hastie from Nexia New Zealand present at our latest Knowledge Sharing Seminar.

One of the key messages from Renzie was ‘where your attention goes, your energy flows’.

Renzie talked about the Gazing Red2Blue© framework and how you can’t control your thoughts, but you can control how you respond to them.

When you are in the Red:

  • You are disconnected, and your mind is filled with doubt, uncertainty and fear.
  • You are living in the past/future.
  • Associated feelings: anger, resistant, passive, fearful, and resentful.
  • Associated behaviours: lack enthusiasm, blames, sense of entitlement, and judgemental

When you are in the Blue:

  • You are connected, and your mind has certainty, stillness and joy.
  • You are living in the present/now.
  • Associated feelings: trusting, determined, valued, and accountable.
  • Associated behaviours: on time, enthusiastic, grateful and flexible.


There were several significant points of interest in the presentation.

1.      The importance of language/communication - a great example was the difference in response that you would get if you told someone that they needed to ‘change’ to improve or you told someone they needed to ‘move from 70% to 75%’ to improve.

2.      Reframing your thoughts - if you suffer from anxiety or nervousness before an event and you focus on this, then you of course will be nervous and anxious. If you reframe these thoughts and label them as anticipation or excitement, then you will not focus on the negative of the feelings but the positive.

3.      Resetting – Renzie talked about the importance of regularly resetting and provided some simple techniques to do so.

The technique below was something simple you could do for 30 seconds on an hourly basis at work. 

  • Close your eyes
  • Squeeze two fingers tightly together
  • Rest tongue on the bottom of the mouth

4.      Processes – keep following the process, if you can stay on task and focus attention on the process, then you will get the outcomes.


Andrew Hastie talked about the importance of culture and how as head coach, along with Renzie led the transformation of the Canterbury Cavaliers culture so that everyone (including management) was accountable.

The Cavaliers went from being one of the worst performing teams to National Hockey League Champions in 4 years. Andrew recognised you still need the technical and tactical skills to succeed, but this was achieved by developing training processes which moved the team from training to train to training to win. 

Andrew provided a great take home for your business:

  1. Have you analysed your employee's skill set?                  Technical Skills
  2. What direction is your business going?                           Tactical Planning
  3. Do you have below or above the line culture?                 Culture is ‘In the blue’.

If you have the correct technical & tactical skills in place and an above the line culture your sport or business endeavours will be successful.

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