Food for the Soul: Round 1...

November 2, 2015

Groovy new website, with shiny awesome pictures, and even moving text so they tell me to provide some infamous ink on paper magic – or something like that…. Strap in because here goes.

I am Mitch – wannabe professional rugby player (hung the boots up when I was 9), full time accountant and outwardly weird thinker about all things life.  Now that our blog is up and running at Marriotts HQ you will hear from a few of us every now and then – not just about your GST return that is overdue, but some weird and whacky things that our lives are filled with through our eyes from inside Marriotts' 4 walls.


Firstly, I have a man crush…

I’m besotted by the All Blacks. I love what they do and I love how they do it. What we witnessed over the weekend is something that you remember forever. Like your first beer or your first…. … And as Richie said as he took in the whole occasion and achievement … how could you want this to end!!!!!  Either way it was just so awesome.

I am gripped by this whole All Blacks thing – the strategy behind one of the most powerful brands in the world, the what they do, the how they do it, it’s just so god damn cool. From our awesome wee country at the bottom of the globe – performing on a mammoth world stage in front of millions… And we act so cool, calm and collected.

Kudos to the NZRU and the team that run that ship. I have read a lot lately about how they label the All Blacks the most successful professional sports team to walk this globe – it gets me thinking about the parallels between what I see every day in businesses and how they can learn from what the All Blacks have done. The culture within the process holds a lot of power. The ability to move people from more than just a PowerPoint presentation to an actual culture that thrives and wins – and wins well.

I seriously believe by attracting the right individuals that are all a bit curious and different in their own way you can achieve this.



Movember. This is a massive one for me. Not enough of us ‘blokes’ take time to sit back and think about our health. We rush through life – we stress ourselves out, we eat rubbish and forego exercise.

12 months ago I took a different look at what I was eating, where I was going in life, what is important to me and why. I thought to myself when I grow up what do my kids want – will I be there to watch them graduate or even get married. Take a stand, and talk to other males about it, it may just save your life.

You need to act before its all too late. Life is one of those things where it often takes something to happen in order to make you change – be proactive rather than reactive… and of course, do things you love in life – it’s too short!

Grow your Mo and continue to be awesome at life.

Thoughts of Mitch.

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Reply Anna Duggan (Author) | November 3rd, 2015 at 4:42pm
Love your work Mitch and attitude to all you approach in life! Such an inspiration
Reply Mitchell Croft (Author) | November 6th, 2015 at 10:33am
Thanks Anna. Round 2 will be coming out sometime soon! Hope you're well.

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