The COVID-19 Short-Term Absence Payment

March 1, 2021

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The Government has announced a new payment for businesses, including self-employed people, to help pay their workers who cannot work from home while they wait for a COVID-19 test result.

The Short-Term Absence Payment has been available from 9 February 2021. It’s to help businesses keep paying eligible workers who:

  • cannot work from home, and
  • need to miss work to stay home while waiting for a COVID-19 test result (in line with public health guidance).

There’s a one-off payment of $350 for each eligible worker. You can only apply for it once, for each eligible worker, in any 30-day period (unless a health official or doctor tells the worker to get another test).

 To apply, businesses must not be getting any other COVID-19 Wage Subsidy or Leave Support Scheme payments at the same time for the same worker to cover any situation that is also covered by Short-Term Absence Payment.

If you'd like to find out more about the Short-Term Absence Payment or other government relief initiatives available to businesses, please contact our team at Nexia New Zealand. We can also help you review your business plans through this time of significant uncertainty. 

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