Growth Strategies

Mako Road - Who says all accountants are boring...

July 28, 2020
It is not often, in my accounting world, that I get to use my finance and governance skills whilst learning about a new industry, and at the same time helping some extremely talented young kiwis. That has been the outcome of crossing paths with one of our recent Nexia graduates, Rhian Ward.

4 Steps to a Successful Business - Client Success Story

February 12, 2020
Over the last few weeks, we have been delving into Nexia NZ’s 4 Steps to a Successful Business; Business Planning, Budgeting, Cashflow Planning and Management Reporting. We sat down with Murray Smith, owner of the Tai Tapu Hotel, to discuss his experiences working with Nexia NZ and how he introduced these 4 steps into his business.

4 Steps to a Successful Business

December 17, 2019
Business growth and improvement should be at the forefront of a business owners’ mindset, however many are unsure where to begin. At Nexia NZ, we have found that to achieve business growth and improvement, it is helpful to focus on the following steps.

The Hub Hornby takes out Top Honours at National Property Awards

August 1, 2018
Following the completion of its recent $75million redevelopment, The Hub Hornby was awarded Excellence and Best in Retail Category at the Property Council New Zealand awards held in June 2018.

Strategic Planning for your Business

February 21, 2018
Some businesses have an uncanny ability to muddle their way to success. Most don’t. When was the last time you reflected with purpose on where you want your business to go? Don’t leave success to chance. A good Business Plan is a roadmap to success. It defines the destination and helps you get there. Developing one needn’t be a chore. Adopt the right mindset Schedule time; you will feel energized rather than squeezing this important task around everything else. It is...

Meet Our Talent

November 21, 2017
Andrew Kidd, Associate. Andrew has 8 years’ experience at Nexia Chartered Accountants, working with a variety of clients across multiple industries which include Medical Practitioners & Property Investors. His diverse client base allows him to apply his knowledge across varying client scenarios. He particularly enjoys working with clients to assist them in fully understanding not only their tax obligations, but also what the numbers mean.

Successful Cashflow Forecasting and Budgeting

November 8, 2017
Raising funds or refinancing? Then it is highly likely that a budget or cash flow forecast will be required to support an application for funding to ensure its success. These forecasts are used in the application process to give the financier comfort that the applicant can meet its repayment obligations. Nexia New Zealand recently assisted Shopping Centre Investments Limited (The Hub Hornby shopping mall) with their successful $72.5million refinancing and $13.781million Convertible Notes issue. In a tough climate, the Convertible Notes...

Turn Customer Complaints into Opportunities

March 21, 2017
Dealing with customer complaints can be both gruelling and rewarding. But being able to turn the situation around so your customer is happy with the outcome can strengthen their loyalty to your brand and inspire some gold standard word of mouth marketing. Communication and attitude are as vital as expert product knowledge. Listen and empathise Let the customer tell their story. Ask questions to clarify. Let them know you want to understand. Let your customer know you can see it (and...

Employment - Breaching Standards

August 22, 2016
Breaches of minimum employment standards are still in the news. Be aware of what the standards are and whether your systems comply It’s not only that if you’re found in breach, you are liable for penalties. A recent case saw a Labour Inspector challenge a determination with the result that the employer’s original penalty for non-compliance was increased by a factor of 9, raising the initial penalty of $500 to $4,500. The employer had originally been ordered to pay $500 for...