Employment Information

COVID-19: Employer Guidance

April 23, 2020
The Government has announced various relief measures in recent weeks to assist businesses affected by the impact of the Covid-19 virus. The uncertain nature of the current situation has resulted in business conditions that are constantly and rapidly changing.

Employment and Immigration Law Update

April 4, 2019
Nexia New Zealand and Cavell Leitch hosted an engaging Employment & Immigration Law Update. The Cavell Leitch Employment Law team of AJ Lodge, Jack Brown, Natasha Rae discussed the recent and upcoming changes to employment law.

Update - Compulsory IRD Payday Filing

February 15, 2019
From 1st of April 2019, the payroll process will be getting streamlined for business owners and payroll teams. All businesses who pay employees or contractors will need to switch to Payday Filing.

Health & Safety for Small Businesses

August 1, 2018
Health and safety is vital for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Evidence suggests that in any particular industry, SMEs are less safe than larger businesses. SMEs may also find it harder to recover from serious health and safety incidents.

Rural Employment Myth Busters

March 21, 2017
Rural employment has witnessed a revolution in a single generation. Farming businesses used to be closely held concerns employing mainly family; employees largely shared the same kind of employment status; and there were more relaxed attitudes to documentation. It’s different now. Farm employers draw their teams from all over. The compliance environment is highly regulated. Don’t get caught relying on these employment myths: Myth: If my employees are on salary, I don’t need to keep wage and time records or holiday...