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Meet Our Talent

November 21, 2017
Andrew Kidd, Associate. Andrew has 8 years’ experience at Nexia Chartered Accountants, working with a variety of clients across multiple industries which include Medical Practitioners & Property Investors. His diverse client base allows him to apply his knowledge across varying client scenarios. He particularly enjoys working with clients to assist them in fully understanding not only their tax obligations, but also what the numbers mean.

NZ Trust Law to be Overhauled

November 13, 2017
Parliamentary plastic surgery is in store for the Trustee Act, to make trust law easier to access and understand. On 1 August, Justice Minister Amy Adams introduced the Trusts Bill to Parliament. This will be the first significant change since the introduction of the Trustee Act 1956. Although we have had a change of government, we do expect that this will still go through in current format and at this stage a date is yet to be set. The old Act...

Business Culture tied to Business Performance

November 10, 2017
While it’s easy to think of business culture as a bit soft compared with, say, achieving sales, in fact it’s anything but. A 2014 study reported that public companies named in a “Best Places to Work” list in 2009 outperformed the S&P 500 by 115 percent in the following five years. The Glassdoor study suggests that a culture that engages and motivates employees helps the bottom line. But the reverse isn’t true: A company’s success isn’t enough to produce a positive...

Inland Revenue Update

November 10, 2017
We have written recently to Inland Revenue (IRD), raising the issue of a number of occasions whereby IRD staff have contacted clients directly instead of contacting us as your agents in the first instance. We are reminded of a communication protocol issued six years ago that remains in place to this day. Please note some responses from IRD in italics. “In summary, specifically around debt and returns, the agent (that’s us) will receive a letter advising of the outstanding debt or...

Protecting your Business from Cybercrime

November 10, 2017
The internet has become the essential infrastructure for most businesses around the globe. But with increased connectivity comes unprecedented risk of fraud, theft and abuse. The digitised world is growing at a phenomenal pace, transforming the economic, political and social landscape around the world. The falling costs of technology have fuelled rapid digitisation of developing economies in Africa and other regions, bringing huge benefits to disadvantaged people, including to those without bank accounts or access to electricity. However, businesses and government...

One Woman's Journey

September 5, 2017
Jane Jackman, a Director of Nexia New Zealand, shares her personal experience from Motherhood to gender diversity throughout her very successful career. This is Jane’s journey …. From the time I got my accountancy degree I was weighing up the age old question… “Should I have my family while I’m young or my career then my family?” I understand this may not be the case for all women, but it was forefront of my mind as I was married at 20...

Budget and Management Reporting

July 5, 2017
Have you ever thought of sitting down and preparing a budget? If you have, you are demonstrating a proactive approach to managing your business. A properly thought out budget can often uncover risks and opportunities that may have otherwise gone unnoticed while working on the day to day operation of the business. By setting and approving a budget, you are in essence setting a target for your business to work towards in the future, creating accountability for management to achieve these...
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