February 19, 2019

Our very own technical specialist Chris Jack presented at the recent Nexia New Zealand Better Business Series at the Canterbury Chamber of Commerce along with Stuart Dillion Roberts from Digital Journeys.

Chris provided some great technical insights into the current technology that is transforming businesses in the Accounting/Business Advisory world. 

Chris focused on four key areas, where he felt technology was transforming business the greatest.

    1. Automation of data capture
      • Bank Feeds – transactions that automatically feed into your accounting software
        Automation of debtor management – reminders and on-site sales invoices
      • File GST returns directly with IRD
      • Automation of purchase invoice entry (Receipt Bank)
    2. Integration of workflow mgmt.
      • Tailored/industry-specific software (Trades/Professional Services/Farming etc.)
      • Improved data quality
      • Reduced double handling
      • Mobility – access from anywhere
      • Improved reporting
    3. Cloud-based payroll & compliance
      • Integrations with accounting software
      • Reduced compliance
    4. Real-time reporting and feedback
      • Financial performance of the business is now ‘real time.’
      • Instantly review progress against KPIs
      • Linking financial & non-financial information
        • Staff KPIs
        • Social media exposure
        • Website exposure

Stuart Dillion Roberts of Digital Journeys offered some excellent insight into the smart technologies that are driving process improvements, reducing costs, and achieving greater efficiencies for businesses and discuss how to make the best choice for your business. There were indeed some brilliant collaboration and productivity tools on the show as well as some intelligent technology that focuses on integrating the cloud-based applications.

If you would like to speak to someone about the tools/technology that are transforming businesses, then please contact our technical specialist Chris Jack directly.

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