Changes to land sales could affect you

June 3, 2016
Changes to land sales could affect you Are you selling residential land? From 1 July 2016, a new withholding tax - residential land withholding tax (RLWT) - may need to be deducted from a property sale/disposal where the property being sold/disposed of is in New Zealand and meets the definition of ‘residential land’, and the vendor: acquired the property on or after 1 October 2015, and has owned it for less than two years before selling or disposing of the property,...

Timely Reminders

June 3, 2016
Note: these dates apply to those clients for whom we prepare tax returns. Different dates will apply for those clients for whom we don't prepare returns. Please ask us if you'd like more information. Tax Type Who / What When it’s due PAYE large employers return and payment 7 June (as 5th falls on a weekend and 6th on Queen's Birthday) 5 July 5 August large and small employers return and payment 20 June 20 July 22 August (as 20th falls...

Budget Perspective

June 3, 2016
No drama The 2016 budget has come and gone and the only people really shouting about it are the Opposition and the tobacco companies. Perhaps the Government felt they have already given businesses enough to be excited about with their pre-Budget announcements of the proposed tax simplification and business transformation. Beyond the reform of the provisional tax system and other changes announced to be staged over 2017 and 2018 (covered here on page 2), there were no dramatic shifts for business....

Tax Talk

June 3, 2016
Making tax simpler In April, the Government announced proposals to simplify business tax, with legislation to be passed in August this year. They asked for feedback by end May on the best way to implement these proposals. The earliest of the changes would take effect from April 2017, with more coming online in 2018. At the moment, this would change the tax landscape to look something like this: From 1 April 2017 Use of money interest Hundreds of thousands of taxpayers...

Risk and Reward

June 3, 2016
Underpaid income tax? Underpaid provisional tax can cause a few headaches. Maybe you did not keep up with your provisional tax payments throughout the year? (oops) Perhaps you did not end up paying enough because you had a better-than-expected financial year (yay! but damn, an increased tax liability). It could be that seasonality or volatility make it difficult to forecast your provisional tax payments. Whatever the case, owing the taxman additional income tax can put pressure on your business’ cashflow. With...

Insolvency - Turnarounds

May 31, 2016
In the event we identify problem areas in your business, we can suggest solutions to improve the position of your company. Timely and expert advice may be able to save your business from liquidation or receivership. Should you or your company become insolvent, we can assist you in preparing relevant financial information to put forward proposals to your creditors under either the Companies Act 1993 or Insolvency Act 1999. As we are familiar with the processes and requirements of the Court...

Insolvency Services

May 27, 2016
Our Restructuring & Insolvency team offers a wide range of specialist skills to assist your business at any stage of its life - from start up, through times of growth or decline, to wind ups or business cessations. We offer the following services: Business Reviews Investigations Formal insolvency proceedings Solvent Liquidations Restructuring Litigation Support Trade Creditor Protection Forensic Accounting and Investigation If your business is struggling financially, proactive and insightful action is vital for avoidance or minimisation of the ramifications. Please...

Insolvency - Forensic Accounting & Investigation

May 27, 2016
We are able to assist you in investigation of possible fraud in your business, and interpretation and analysis of financial data. We will also prepare loss of profit assessments for individuals, small businesses, rental properties, companies and trusts.

Insolvency - Trade Creditor Protection

May 27, 2016
Through our work as Liquidators, we so often see trade creditors who have neglected to protect themselves adequately under the provisions of the Personal Property Securities Act 1999 and therefore become unsecured creditors. We can help you, as a retailer who supplies goods on credit to its customers, to protect your business from losing out in the event that one of your purchasers goes into Liquidation. We will review and assess your current credit processes. We can also advise you on...

Insolvency - Litigation Support

May 27, 2016
We can assist you and your lawyer to prepare the required information to resolve disputes. Our advice is designed to achieve a successful and prompt resolution, and we will work with your solicitors to ensure that our investigations satisfy the necessary legal requirements. On those occasions where settlement is to be decided by a third party, we will provide expert reports for proceedings and, when needed, appear in court as expert witness. We also have considerable experience in preparing business and...
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