15 February 2022

Nexia Auckland is proud to sponsor the Franchising New Zealand Survey 2021. Launched in December, the national survey once again proves how prominent the franchising industry is in New Zealand. With 590 brands across 32,537 business units, the estimated turnover from the franchising industry for the 2021 year was a whopping $58.5 billion (including estimated motor vehicle sales and fuel retail).

The survey also found that the franchising industry is currently responsible for the employment of more than 156,000 people, an increase of almost 20,000 since the last survey was completed in 2017. With a number of Kiwis being made redundant or looking for a lifestyle change in the wake of the pandemic-related economic shake up, it’s no wonder the industry has seen an increase in participants. Franchising is a popular business model for New Zealanders, and we have one of the highest proportions of franchises per capita in the world.

Nexia is a member of the Franchise Association New Zealand and has more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of franchising. Whether you own one, are thinking of buying one, or want to franchise an existing business, we have all the expertise to help you succeed. We are also well connected and can put you in touch with other franchise experts, such as legal and banking advisors.

Contact a Nexia advisor today to start your franchise journey.

Follow this link to access the Franchising New Zealand Survey 2021.

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