23 March 2022

Strategy underpins everything you do. It’s important to have a clearly defined strategy as this is what you come back to every time you make a decision.

As we enter a new financial year, this provides the perfect opportunity to refresh your existing strategy or create a new one. Strategy development can be a challenging exercise, however with the help of the integrated ‘Playing to Win’ framework, you are in a better position to achieve success.

Next up in our #BusinessAdvisoryInsights video series, Nexia Partner Aaron Breckell talks us through the importance of developing a winning strategy.

Aaron is based in Nexia’s Christchurch office where he works with businesses to increase their profitability, drive efficiencies, and realise potential. A natural problem solver, he’s a great person to chat to if you’re looking to grow your business or develop your winning strategy. You can contact him on 020 4106 7994 or by email.

Stay tuned as we cover further Business Advisory topics in coming weeks.

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