16 October 2023

Rod Brown Nexia AucklandNexia Auckland is delighted to announce the appointment of Rod Brown to Business Advisory Director.

Rod was appointed an associate of the firm in 2020 and has contributed a significant level of expertise to the teams in the Albany and Newmarket offices. Rod’s appointment is a testament to his hard work and achievements. Combined with the five existing directors, he will strengthen the leadership team for 2023 and beyond.

Rod has a sound understanding of the internal workings of businesses, thanks largely to commencing his career in the commercial world. His skills include looking beyond the numbers to determine what drives a business to be successful. With over 20 years in Chartered Accountancy practices, Rod is passionate about working with clients from a wide variety of industries to assist them in reaching their business and personal financial goals. He was a founding member of North Harbour Club’s NeXt group and enjoys attending various networking events that the club runs.



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