5 August 2022

Introducing our new Partner and head of Audit and Assurance, Sam Naylor.

Sam began his career at Audit New Zealand after completing his Honours’ degree at Canterbury University with a dissertation looking at the expectation gap between auditors’ and stakeholders’ of auditors’ responsibilities in relation to online reporting.

When asked what drew him to Audit, Sam emphasised that it was the variety. ‘There are deadlines obviously, but you’re liaising with a range of internal and external stakeholders, working with a range of clients, and travelling to different locations.’

After becoming a Chartered Accountant, Sam embarked on his OE and headed to the UK. Working in London gave him the opportunity to experience larger-scale clients, which was hugely beneficial when he returned to New Zealand.

“When I arrived home, I needed a new challenge in my career. It was great to be able to continue with Audit New Zealand and when the opportunity to progress into a managerial role arose, I knew that was the next step I was looking for,” said Sam.

The move into management gave Sam the chance to mentor a team, a role which he continues to enjoy. It also allowed him to be more involved with his clients, enabling him to drive planning and efficiency within his audit teams.

The level of audit experience that Sam brings is of great benefit to both the Nexia team and our clients. “Sam’s people skills, combined with his technical ability, have already allowed him to foster strong relationships, both with his team and our audit clients” says Nexia Christchurch CEO, Amy Murdoch.

What attracted him to working at Nexia was the ability to develop his audit team, whilst having the technical support of a global accountancy network.

“The ongoing support from the leadership team here at Nexia, both locally and internationally, will only enhance my professional growth and development as an auditor”, continued Sam.

When asked what advice he would give to someone considering a career in Audit, Sam was adamant that it provides a lot of variety, which makes coming to work more enjoyable. It exposes you to a diverse range of clients and organisations, which makes building relationships a vital part of the role.

If you are keen to pursue a career in Audit, Sam is always looking to enhance our high-performing team at Nexia.

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