Insolvency NZ

We accept all varieties of insolvency appointments, including Court appointed Liquidations, Voluntary Shareholder appointed Liquidations, Receiverships and Voluntary Administrations. Our team offer an efficient and personalised service aimed at maximising the return for creditors.

Insolvency is the situation where the total liabilities exceed the value of an entity's total assets. The reality for most is that insolvency is the situation where they cannot raise enough cash to meet its obligations or to pay debts as required.

One of the most trying times in your life is the unfortunate requirement of business or personal insolvency.

With the significant failure rates of SMEs operations in New Zealand, the solvency of a business, and in some cases personal solvency, is an unfortunate but very real outcome that Nexia New Zealand face on a daily basis. At such an important junction in one's life, you should be supported by a Nexia New Zealand professional who can guide you through the minefield of impacting legislation and provide advice on the compliance responsibilities that are required to be satisfied.

Nexia New Zealand can advise on the financial ramifications and activities of insolvency while providing the desired empathy and respect that is needed during these trying times. Whether it is liquidation, receivership or the undertaking of rescue appraisals, you can be assured of a professional service that is centric to your needs, and supports your desired outcome.

Our services include consultancy around:

  • Company liquidations
  • Receiverships
  • Rescue appraisals