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A lot of what we do in business is repetitive,
so it makes sense to use technology to remove these
timewasting tasks which add no real value to your business


At Nexia New Zealand we are always looking to see how our clients can improve the automation of business processes, which ultimately saves them time & effort.‚Äč

The days of massive capital investment for software solutions are a thing of the past, and with cloud software more readily available for SMEs the return on investment is measured in weeks rather than years. 

Overall we're finding the clients that embrace new technology

  • Reduce timewasting activities (bank feeds, manual process, inputing invoices) and have more time to focus on other things.
  • Business Owner and Accountant have access to secured information offsite (particularly importiant during lockdown).
  • Have better quality business information being reported faster
  • Are making informed decisions in a more timely manner.

So how can you improve your business without working harder? 

Cloud-technology is well documented to improve productivity and give people more freedom and flexibility with how they manage their cash flow and business, but with the abundance of software options available it can be difficult to understand what's suitable for your business, or indeed what good looks like?

Understanding what good looks like for your business

The challenge for you as a business owner or manager is knowing what options are indeed available. Our Information Systems team are good at showcasing how our cloud-technology will work for your business and can back this up with actual examples of where we have improved our clients business.


Our Reccomended Approach

  • Review Your Current and Future Business Software Requirements
    We believe in doing some planning first so you can identify where productivity or workflow management gains can be made before you leap. We like to tailor our approach to work with you to better understand your current situation and future business requirements before making technology recommendations. 

    Our recommendation is to invest in a Nexia NZ Accounting & Business Software Health Check. We can undertake an audit of your business software programmes and processes, providing you with a formal report which will outline where the opportunities exist for your business. We will also outline recommendations tailored to your specific needs based on our experience in working with other clients similar to you, as well as what is considered best practice.

    The outcome of this review is to implement changes which allow you to spend less time on unproductive activities by identifying where we can automate manual tasks, so they get done faster, consistently and accurately. 

    Click Here to Review: Nexia NZ Accounting & Business Software Health Check


  • Understand Where Efficiency and Time-Saving Gains Can Be Made
    Efficiency and timesaving gains can be made across four key areas of your business. Our team will work with you to showcase where opportunties exist within your business. 
    • Automation and Data Capture - Bank feeds, debtor management, automated invoice entry, document management and IRD integration. 
    • Integrating Workflow Management - Industry-specific solutions that focus on capturing time and cost (project-based) or managing timesheets for employees and sub-contractors.  
    • Payroll and Compliance - Movement to cloud-based payroll that integrates with your accounting system
    • Reporting and Feedback - Financial performance of your business in real-time 
  • Select Appropriate Cloud-Based Technology 
    There are a lot of options available, at Nexia New Zealand we partner with several best of breed cloud-software providers. Our Information Systems team have an indepth knowledge of the technology and can provide advice on which ones are suitable, and meet the current and future requirements of your busiess.  
Xero Accounting Software MYOB Accounting Software
Payroll Software Cloud-Based Applications



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