Fraud Investigations and Forensic Accounting

Fraudulent actions within a small or large business can have significant repercussions, including in some instances the crippling and closure of a business, and irreversible damage to an owner's reputation.

With a ‘high-trust’ environment in Kiwi businesses and the notion that many employees who carry out financial activities are solely responsible for the handling of finances, the temptation to deceive their employer is ever present. And often or not when the deception is identified, a significant amount of damage is already done – the financial viability of the business could be on a knife’s edge.

Business fraud in New Zealand annually extends into the millions.

Protect and educate yourself about fraud through utilising Nexia New Zealand's services:

  • Financial transactions and fraud schemes
  • Investigation
  • Fraud protection and deterrence

We understand the stressful situation that can arise from a business owner's potential inkling that something isn’t quite right, and will work quickly and effectively to ascertain if any doubt is substantiated. You can depend on the Nexia New Zealand professionals to be respectful, empathetic and thorough in their investigation and forensic accounting undertakings, all while providing advice on areas of potential concern and strategies to minimise the temptation to employees.