22 February 2024

With 31 March approaching, our “Year End Tax Planning Guide” draws your attention to year-end tax planning strategies and compliance issues you need to consider to ensure you are in the best possible tax health.

Taking into account the most recent tax changes, this Guide will focus on the most important issues to consider by businesses and individuals to best manage their tax exposure in respect of the 2024 income tax year.  We also mention upcoming tax changes that may affect your tax position in 2025 or later income years.

Tax planning is about taking control over the amount of money in your pocket; managing risks and capitalising on opportunities to appropriately manage your tax exposure.

Whilst tax planning is all-year-round, leading up to 31 March heightens sensitivity to possible opportunities. This year features several new opportunities, as well as risks which we recommend you give attention to.

Please CLICK HERE to download the PDF.

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