For most people, when they hear the word audit they don’t necessarily get excited by the process. As a seasoned auditor, Nexia Christchurch Partner, Sam Naylor, knows this all too well. However, like most paper-based processes, audit has had a technology makeover, which has turned the whole experience into something far more enjoyable.

‘By putting a lot more control into the clients’ hands and bringing them a level of transparency they haven’t had before, we are seeing greater results in turnaround times as well as client satisfaction levels,’ Sam explains.

What Sam is referring to is the use of an online platform to track the progress of an audit, and where clients can upload requested files. This enables the client to view the entire audit and know whereabouts in the process they are currently are, and also what is required of them to keep the audit moving along.

The use of technology in project management isn’t new, and audit is very much about moving through a series of steps towards an outcome. Hence why online software can easily boost the performance and service levels of an audit.

Whilst many might think that audit is just a process that has to be endured, the use of technology and being able to provide reports and progress charts to clients, sees the entire process deliver an entirely new level of service.

‘Our clients are very much onboard with the software, and we use that as the key tool to ensure our internal workflow is being managed, as well as accessing reports and status charts to discuss with our clients. Our process is much the same, however we are now able to engage with clients more, so they are part of that process. It’s not just us working in isolation and asking a lot of questions. Clients can really see the value in what we are delivering,’ continued Sam.

And this is the true benefit of having an online platform that delivers actual results for clients. Whatever size the audit may be, the technology works through the same process and so does the team. This streamlining of the audit delivery means that clients benefit the most from a process that is seamless, transparent, and well-documented.

If you would like to discuss your audit requirements with our team, please contact our Audit Partner, Sam Naylor, today or speak with your Nexia advisor.

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