Credit Management

Do you have debtors who continually pay their invoices late? Or worse still, don’t pay at all? If you don’t have the time, or the energy, to go through the potentially lengthy process of contacting them regularly and reminding them to make payments, we can take on this burden for you.

We can either act in-house under your name as your ‘Credit Manager’, or externally under the name of Nexia New Zealand. We will adhere to the policies of your business from our own office. We are flexible on how we operate this service and can negotiate an arrangement that works best for you.

Our team are experienced in debt collection meaning we are well equipped to make the tough phone calls on your behalf, as well as provide advice and action if the need arises.

We provide a professional, effective and courteous approach to debt collection, which is independent from your personal relationship with customers.

This service can extend to assisting you with filing claims in the Disputes Tribunal or preparing and arranging service of statutory demands on debtors with undisputed debts.

To keep it simple, we will charge for collections on a success basis, at a flat rate of 15% of any monies recovered. Any other services will be charged at a pre-agreed rate.

At Nexia, we offer a number of credit related services that will allow your business to operate
at its full potential.

We have expertise in a wide range of areas which enables us to tailor our advice to suit your needs. Please click here to contact our Nexia Collect team.


Christine Johnston

Christine is a Partner at Nexia New Zealand and specialises in both Business Advisory and Insolvency & Recovery.

She has strong negotiation skills which help to complete jobs in the most efficient way. She is practical and pragmatic and always keep creditors’ interests front of mind.


Kasey Love
Insolvency Manager

Kasey is the Insolvency Manager and In-house Solicitor at Nexia New Zealand. With a legal background, she brings a unique skill base to our team and provides advice and assistance on the more complex cases.


Mitch Green
Credit Controller

Mitch has an extensive background in Credit Management and is the Credit Controller at Nexia New Zealand. 

He enjoys the challenge of dispute resolution and client negotiation, always seeking to build positive and productive long-term relationships with clients.