4 June 2024

In the heart of New Zealand, Robson Environmental Services has emerged as a key player in the environmental services industry.

Founded in 2001 by Murray Robson, with nothing but a single truck and an unwavering work ethic, this family-owned enterprise, comprising of Murray and his two sons, Justin and Kieran, has embraced both the challenges and growth opportunities that came from the seismic shifts caused by the 2011 earthquakes.

We spoke to Managing Director, Justin Robson about the journey of Robson Environmental and the pivotal role Nexia has played in their growth and development.

When Robson Environmental Services was founded in 2001, the company didn’t have lofty goals other than to deliver a quality service and let its operations grow organically. Adversity transformed into opportunity for the Robson family following the Christchurch earthquakes in 2011, and the family business has been on an upward trajectory ever since.

“Our business was one of the fortunate ones to succeed in such an awful period. After the earthquakes, demand for environmental services really took off and we’ve been growing ever since,” Justin explains.

That growth didn’t come without challenges though, and 12 months ago Robson Environmental found themselves needing professional support to manage the continuing expansion.

“We were at a crossroads, struggling with our invoicing and overall financial management after our secretary left. We were still delivering a great service, but it felt like we were being pulled underwater by the administrative burdens that came with running the business, which definitely wasn’t our forte.

“After sharing our struggles to a business-savvy friend, they recommended we reach out to Nexia. Acting on that advice was one of the best decisions we’ve made in recent years.

“Nexia’s guidance has been instrumental. They transitioned us from a paper-based system into the digital age, enhancing our efficiency and positioning us for future success,” Justin says.

What sets Robson Environmental Services apart is not merely their expertise in environmental services but their core commitment to sustainability and community welfare. This foundational principle of putting environmental integrity and social responsibility at the forefront of their operations is what differentiates them in the market.

This philosophy is mirrored in their partnership with Nexia, where personalised attention and genuine care from Christine and her team have fostered a relationship beyond the typical client-service provider dynamic.

“Our journey with Nexia has been transformative. They’ve not only provided exceptional accounting and business advice, but they have also been a constant source of support and guidance through every opportunity and challenge.

“The support of Nexia has been instrumental in our business operations.

“With the guidance of Christine and her team, we now feel equipped to tackle any challenge and take on every opportunity that comes our way.”

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