2 May 2024

The golden arches of McDonald’s are synonymous with consistency, family values, and entrepreneurship. The same could be said of David Whalley, a respected McDonald’s franchisee based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Employing 600 staff across five stores, David’s commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace reflects his vision for McDonald’s as a career-oriented opportunity.

We spoke to David about his longstanding partnership with Nexia New Zealand and how it has been integral to his success as a franchisee.

A fixture in the local business community, David is renowned for his exemplary leadership and the many accolades his stores have garnered over the years – not to mention the many satisfied customers.

With a workforce spanning generations, including employees well into their later years, David champions the notion that McDonald’s can evolve into a fulfilling career path for individuals of all ages.

Running a single successful McDonald’s restaurant involves intricate management of logistics and accounting. With five locations spread across New Zealand, David faces even greater demands – but he’s not alone.

Nexia has been supporting David for close to ten years and have been on the journey with him as he’s grown his stores and expanded his footprint with new locations.

“I’ve been working with Nexia for almost a decade now and their support has been instrumental in our stores’ growth and development,” David said.

“From the early days of setting up businesses to navigating complex financial landscapes, Nexia has been a trusted ally every step of the way.”

Like many business owners, David’s world was thrown into disarray during the COVID-19 pandemic, with his restaurants needing to make rapid changes across the board. During the period of uncertainty, Nexia’s responsiveness and adaptability shone through.

“As our needs evolved, Nexia transitioned from a traditional accounting service to a more consultancy role,” David said.

“Their support during the pandemic, offering strategic advice and insights was instrumental in navigating the challenges posed by the unprecedented situation.”

More recently, Nexia were by David’s side as he entered into negotiations with a bank.

“Nexia’s understanding of business and banking dynamics has been invaluable. During a recent bank negotiation, Nexia played a crucial role not only with the complex process of changing banks without interruption, but also securing favourable terms and navigating the transition seamlessly.”

In addition to his McDonalds ventures, David recently embarked on a new chapter with a property investment on the Gold Coast.

“The size and skillset of the Nexia team is unmatched. Navigating the accounting complexities of this venture was made seamless with Nexia’s guidance and expertise.

Adele, our point of contact at Nexia, facilitated the process by connecting us with other Nexia experts in property accounting, ensuring our project’s success.”

“What sets them apart is the breadth of skills within their team. Whether it’s tax advice, wealth management, or specialised accounting needs, Nexia has the expertise to guide us through any challenge.”

Dave Whalley

Dave Whalley
McDonald’s Franchisee

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