Cashflow Management

Cashflow management is an important task for every business and is critical in a time of crisis. To ensure a successful business, owners need to know not only what tomorrow looks like but also plan their future direction and assess how cash impacts on business viability.

Nexia can assist with:

  • Understanding the immediate and short-term cash needs of the business and how to address them
  • Adequately plan and scenario test forecasted cash position
  • Pragmatic advice on how reasonable forecasts and budgets are
  • Advice on improving the working capital position and identify practical steps to improve the cash conversion cycle
  • Prepare cashflow projections for the next three, six and twelve months
  • Assist business owners seeking to raise additional cash
  • Provide support to business through the Regional Business Partner grant scheme
  • Advice on the government tax concessions and other relief available to improve cashflow


Five Tips For Managing Cashflow In a Crisis: Click Here For More Information


If you would like to discuss any of the available relief packages, or recent changes from the Government that may affect your business, please contact our team at Nexia NZ who are here to assist you or offer advice.


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