How well is your Accounting and Business Software working for you?

Your accounting and business software is an integral part of your business – it’s the principal source of financial data for making business decisions and meeting tax compliance requirements.

Wouldn’t it be great to know that your business:   

  • Has its Accounting and Business software set-up correctly
  • Is using all current technology efficiently
  • Makes use of all available time-saving features
  • Gets the most out of the process/productivity-improving applications (apps)
  • Accounting software is in good working order (no errors or mistakes)

The best way to ensure your business systems are working efficiently is by getting a Nexia New Zealand Accounting and Business Software Health Check.


What’s involved in an Accounting and Business Software Health Check?


1: Comprehensive Review of Current and Future Business Requirements

The initial phone meeting with a qualified Chartered Accountant and Accounting Software expert to: 

  • Understand what your current systems are for accounting, payroll and other key areas of your business
  • Discuss current ‘known’ issues with your accounting system
  • Discuss the current ‘challenges’ affecting the business processes
  • Discuss accounting and business software access requirements for our review.
  • A business software questionnaire is sent our for you to complete (takes around 15-30 minutes)
  • A comprehensive system review which will be completed remotely for cloud-based systems or onsite for server-based systems
  • Our accounting and business software ‘Health Check’ report’ will be sent to you for initial review


2:  Detailed Health Check report

We will provide you with a detailed report of our findings and a list of recommendations.

The Health Check report will highlight what actions are required; we will then discuss the best way forward to addresses changes, whether this is by your team or if you need additional support from Nexia New Zealand specialists.

  • Recommendations for ‘Quick Fix’ change - Coding changes, adding bank rules
  • Recommendations for critical areas that require attention -  Missing transactions, non-reconciled bank accounts, fixed asset incorrectly assigned
  • Recommendations ‘Best Practice’ Ideas for non-critical areas of your business - These will not be critical to your business, but recommendations from our technology specialists on how you can improve your current systems.
  • Technology application recommendations - Based on our knowledge of your accounting software, and supporting applications we will provide you with options to consider.
  • Action Plan - The action plan will highlight who is responsible for addressing the critical and non-critical improvement recommendations from the Health Check report. 

3: Review and Discuss Health Check Report Recommendations 

We then meet with you to discuss the Health Check report recommendations, demonstrate any new applications and answer any questions you may have.