Bayleys Plate Up for a Purpose

February 29, 2020
Nexia NZ were proud to support Bayleys Plate Up for a Purpose. Amy Murdoch, our CEO, was one of 12 Canterbury CEO’s taking on the challenge of cooking for 180 guests (under the watchful eye of professionals), in order to raise funds for the Christchurch City Mission’s Back to School Programme.

Mastering Financial Governance - Understanding the Numbers

February 20, 2020
The Nexia NZ team of Philip Goodman & Jane Jackman presented the first of their Director Deep Dive sessions yesterday. This was in partnership with the Canterbury Branch of the Institute of Directors, who we proudly sponsor.

4 Steps to a Successful Business - Client Success Story

February 12, 2020
Over the last few weeks, we have been delving into Nexia NZ’s 4 Steps to a Successful Business; Business Planning, Budgeting, Cashflow Planning and Management Reporting. We sat down with Murray Smith, owner of the Tai Tapu Hotel, to discuss his experiences working with Nexia NZ and how he introduced these 4 steps into his business.

4 Steps to a Successful Business - Step 4 - Management Reporting

February 4, 2020
Once you have your business plan, budget and cashflow planning in place, you are then well prepared to measure your financial results and the key drivers of your business.

Write off Bad Debts

February 3, 2020
As the end of the financial year looms, there’s always the prospect of paying too much tax. It doesn’t need to be this way.

4 Steps to a Successful Business - Step 3 - Cashflow Planning

January 29, 2020
Once your business plan and budget are in place, you are ready to assess your cashflow needs by preparing a cashflow forecast. Cashflow planning and monitoring is a must for any business and is critical for survival and growth.

Australian Tax News - New law erases tax-exempt family home

January 27, 2020
Calling all Australian ex-pats - do you still own a family home in Australia? If you are relying on the family home exemption from capital gains tax in Australia, you may need to think again. The Australian government have recently passed an Act, which puts the entire CGT exemption for your home upon sale at risk. If you bought your home before 9 May 2017 and have since become a foreign resident, you may have a significant decision to make, and soon.

4 Steps to a Successful Business - Step 2 - Budgeting

January 24, 2020
For our second blog in the “4 Steps to a Successful Business” series, we are focusing on Budgeting. Once you have your business plan in place, it is important to then create a meaningful budget in order to stay focused on your business plan and goals.

Nexia New Zealand to partner with the Institute of Directors

January 23, 2020
Nexia New Zealand is to become one of the leading sponsorship partners of the Canterbury Branch of the Institute of Directors. Given the natural synergies in mentoring, and working with successful business owners and Directors in the Canterbury region, the decision to partner with the Institute was an obvious choice for Nexia.

4 Steps to a Successful Business - Step 1 - Business Planning

January 17, 2020
Business growth and improvement should be at the forefront of a business owners’ mindset, however many are unsure where to begin. Success starts with a plan, and in order to plan effectively, it is crucial that you take the time to work on your business, rather than in it.
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