Nexia appoints Nathan Breckell as new audit partner

April 1, 2021
We are delighted to announce that Nathan Breckell has become a partner at Nexia New Zealand. His role is effective 1 April 2021. Nathan becomes the firm’s ninth Christchurch-based partner. 

Bright-line test extended and interest deductions scrapped for investors

March 23, 2021
In a move to crack down on property speculators and to make housing more affordable for first home buyers, the Government has today unveiled a number of property announcements including extension of the bright-line test from five to 10 years, and removal of interest deductions for investors.

Career Q&A with Abbey McCarthy

March 8, 2021
Applications are now open for Nexia Christchurch’s 2022 Graduate Program. We caught up with Abbey McCarthy, who started as a Nexia graduate and is now an Intermediate Accountant. Find out about Abbey's experiences as she has built her career with Nexia.

COVID-19 government relief initiatives for businesses

March 3, 2021
With the increase in COVID-19 alert levels this week, there are a number of government relief initiatives available to businesses and self-employed people throughout New Zealand. Find out more about the Resurgence Support Payment, the Wage Subsidy, the Leave Support Scheme, and the Short-Term Absence Payment.

The COVID-19 Short-Term Absence Payment

March 1, 2021
The Government has announced a new payment for businesses, including self-employed people, to help pay their workers who cannot work from home while they wait for a COVID-19 test result. There’s a one-off payment of $350 for each eligible worker. You can only apply for it once, for each eligible worker, in any 30-day period.

Nexia New Zealand makes seven new appointments to its Christchurch office

February 25, 2021
Nexia New Zealand welcomes seven new team members to its Christchurch office, with four in Audit, two in Business Advisory and one in Administration. Meet Gus Motta, Bridget Crooke, Nitty Shankar, Kate Cooksley, Jessica Ng, Faye Ledesma and Liam Cosgrove.

Meet Nexia New Zealand's 2021 graduates and interns

February 9, 2021
Meet our 2021 graduates and interns: Brittany Reid, Harry Macgregor, Ewan Milnes and Theo Russell. In this article they share why they chose Nexia, and what they’ve gained from their time with us so far.

Christmas parties, entertainment, gifts - and tax

December 11, 2020
With Christmas just around the corner, most businesses will be thanking their employees and clients with gifts or entertainment. While tax might be the last thing you have in mind, make sure you’re not caught out by a surprise tax obligation.

Nathan Breckell: What I learned about leadership during a crisis

December 3, 2020
My first year at Nexia had gone to plan. I’d settled into my role as Audit Director, we’d had some significant client wins and we’d doubled the size of the team. Then COVID struck. All of the business continuity planning in the world doesn’t fully prepare you for a unique crisis like COVID-19. While it’s been tough at times, this experience has also brought invaluable lessons in leadership, and I thought it might be useful to share them.

Preparing for an increase in the top personal tax rate

December 2, 2020
With the Labour Government’s record win at the polls last month, the introduction of a top marginal tax rate of 39% is a certainty. Labour is at pains to point out that it applies only to individuals who earn more than $180,000 per annum (or the top 2% of earners in New Zealand) and that the additional revenue raised will be used to help control debt and protect vital services, like health and education.
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