Our people

Brylie Gray



Brylie spent several years working as a manager in a retail business where she gained outstanding experience and an appreciation of the challenges of running a small business. It was her strength in understanding what the numbers were telling her about the businesses she worked for which inspired Brylie to become an accountant, starting as a graduate for Nexia New Zealand. Brylie’s career has progressed rapidly; she is now an Associate at Nexia New Zealand.

Brylie likes to build a rapport with her clients and enjoys communicating complex problems in a personable, easy to understand way. Brylie’s strengths are her ability to help her clients comprehend what the numbers tell them about their business, potential growth opportunities and how to reach their goals for the business. 

Brylie was born in New Zealand but left when she was just three months old. She continuously moved for 18 years with her family before returning to Christchurch to settle down. Since then, she has made Christchurch home and considers herself a true Cantabrian.

Outside of work, Brylie enjoys playing volleyball, snowboarding, getting outdoors and spending time socialising with family and friends. She is a board member for Endometriosis New Zealand, a committee member for the Pioneer Volleyball Club, and a member of the Rotary Club of Christchurch Sunrise.

Brylie enjoys working with companies during phases of growth and change. She likes to be the first port of call to her clients and provide assistance across a broad range of issues they may face.