2 September 2021

On 22 August, the Government announced that mandatory record keeping will become a requirement for people aged 12 and over at all Alert Levels when visiting busy places and events. This will make it easier to contact trace COVID-19. Everyone aged 12 and over will have to scan or manually sign in when visiting businesses and attending events.  

At 11.59pm on Tuesday August 31, all of the New Zealand south of Auckland moved down to Alert Level 3. On September 2 it was announced that Northland would also move to Alert Level 3 at midnight, while Auckland would remains at Alert Level 4 with the decision to be reviewed on Monday 6 September.

This means that those responsible for businesses and events able to operate in Level 3 have seven days from the change in Alert Level to ensure that people keep a record when they visit, either by scanning QR codes with the COVID-19 Tracer App or making a manual record.  

It will become mandatory at places where people gather consistently and in large numbers to ensure that people scan or sign in. This includes cafes, restaurants, bars, casinos and concerts, aged care and healthcare facilities (excluding patients), barbers, exercise facilities, nightclubs, libraries, courts, local and central government agencies, and social services providers with customer service counters. 

Those places where records are already kept and people are already required to sign in, like gyms and some workplaces, won’t need to adjust what they are already doing. 

More information can be found here about contact tracing:  business.govt.nz/covid-19/contact-tracing/  

For further information about operating your business safety during the different alert levels, visit: covid19.govt.nz/business-and-money/businesses/operating-safely/  

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