At Nexia, we want to be involved and interact with great people: to share our knowledge and expertise and proactively provide quality solutions.

Each individual team member has a unique development plan. We are committed to providing assistance and preparing our employees to plan the next step in their career. We strive for shared success and growth and value respect, honesty and integrity in all dealings with peers, clients and stakeholders.

Joining Nexia is about more than just gaining the knowledge and skills to perform in your new role, it’s about becoming a member of our valued team.

Life at Nexia
A career in professional services has never been more dynamic and full of possibilities!

We collaborate across teams and offices to achieve the common goal of creating an enviable work environment for our people and great solutions for our clients.

Our equation is simple:

great people + great clients = great firm

You will be immersed in a culture with an emphasis on team-work and communication, creating an environment in which “work” is an extremely positive place to be.

We appreciate that our people are our greatest asset and we work with you to ensure you achieve both your personal goals and career objectives.


Join our team

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As a team member you have a unique opportunity to:

  • Move beyond traditional 'compliance' accounting, and adopt our innovative, team-oriented approach
  • Be part of a lively, enjoyable workplace, where your contribution and dedication is truly valued
  • Earn recognition and reward for your performance, achieve your goals and develop a successful career.

What makes a successful Nexia New Zealand member?

We take great pride in the abilities and positive attitude of our team members. As part of the team, you will:

  • Enjoy client contact
  • Possess the ability and willingness to work as part of a team
  • Be self-motivated and enjoy meeting new challenges
  • Have sound technical skills, and work on a range of interesting projects.

What does Nexia New Zealand offer you?

Above everything else, we invest heavily in ensuring we have the highest quality support for our people, so to benefit not just the business but each team member’s career.

Nexia Australia and New Zealand provides all employees with a range of benefits:

  • Financial support and leave entitlements for ongoing training and education
  • A vibrant atmosphere which balances work, rest and play.
  • A variety of opportunities for personal and professional development.