A Secondment at Nexia New Zealand: Welcome, Chloe Murray

July 24, 2019

Nexia New Zealand would like to welcome Chloe Murray, who joined our team on secondment from Nexia Edwards Marshall in Adelaide. Chloe is originally from Sydney, but moved to Adelaide to complete her Bachelor of Law and Commerce. Chloe has been part of the Nexia Edwards Marshall team for three years in her role as an Accountant, with specialist expertise in MYOB ledger reporting and processing problems.

Nexia Edwards Marshall is part of Nexia International, so when Chloe completed her Chartered Accountant qualifications and was looking for a new challenge, a secondment opportunity for her to continue to develop her accounting and advisory skills in another country was a real possibility.

Chloe decided New Zealand would be a good experience and would be an excellent opportunity to learn about the similarities and differences of tax and systems, as well as how Nexia offices operate in a different country.

“A secondment would challenge me to learn new systems, broaden my technical skills as well as my interpersonal skills,” says Chloe. “I also wanted to see if there is anything the New Zealand office does that would be great to bring back to our Adelaide office, as well as offer advice/opinion about any tips and efficiencies I can offer to the New Zealand team”.

Another bonus for Chloe was that one of Nexia Adelaide’s clients operates a branch in NZ, and is a client of Nexia NZ. The opportunity to work on the same client is exciting, and it is great to see the Nexia Network working first hand.

Of course, moving to a new country is not all work and no play, so while in New Zealand Chloe has got some grand plans to travel the South Island and get involved in Nexia New Zealand events. The itinerary is extensive, “I want to explore New Zealand's South Island as I think it’s such a beautiful place. I don’t think I will get used to looking out of the office and seeing the snow-capped mountains in the distance. I ran in Mud Sweat and Tears 10km with other Nexia NZ staff two weeks ago and am going to do the 10km KaikĊura Whale Run in September.”

It’s only been a month, but Chloe has said she would recommend doing a secondment to everyone, “the culture is very similar in both offices, and the New Zealand team have been very welcoming”.

Chloe claims that Christchurch is not as cold as anticipated, but she has been seen continuously wearing thermals and puffer jackets to work.

We wish Chloe all the best for her time here in New Zealand.


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