Minimising your risk

September 27, 2019

‘Minimising your risk’ was the theme at the Civil Contractors workshop last night.

The panel of experts included Clay Baker from ASB, Amanda Douglas from Wynn Williams, James Smith from Crombie Lockwood and our very own Craig Melhuish.

It was a very insightful workshop professionally facilitated by Jeremy Dixon, CEO of Isaac Construction and organised by Kim Masina from Isaac Construction and John Crawley from ASB.

Nexia New Zealand enjoys supporting this organisation, they are truly focused on adding value to their members with workshops like last night, as well as guest speakers and other social functions throughout the year. If you are in the civil or general construction space (large or small), then this organisation is definitely one to consider. 

Key takes out from the event:

Managing your banking relationship 
Clay Baker, ASB

What management & financial attributes banks look for with prospective and existing clients?
Trial periods, rest and meal breaks and more   

Amanda Douglas, Wynn Williams

The new legislation updates, and why employment processes are so important.

Cash flow and future planning
Craig Melhuish, Nexia New Zealand

Identifying the causes of poor cash flow, how to improve your cash flow, cash vs profit, the working capital cycle, establishing your cash conversion cycle and the importance of future planning.

The Cash Flow presentation slides of Craig Melhuish (click here to download Craig's presentation slides).

Health & Safety at work/contracts
James Smith, Crombie Lockwood

Health & Safety at work – claims and insurance coverage.
Contracts – exposure of not adequately reviewing indemnity clauses and insurance implications.


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