Community Focus: Christchurch City Mission

December 12, 2018


Community Focus: Christchurch City Mission


The Christchurch City Mission are a local social service agency, promoting justice and equal opportunity for all in our community. This year Nexia New Zealand have been supporting the City Mission in the work they do for the people of Christchurch.


Homelessness, mental health issues and addiction are affecting more and more people. This makes the City Mission and the work it does more vital than it ever has been before. They provide support and care for those who are marginalised in society, helping people at risk through unemployment, inadequate housing, family breakdown, financial difficulties or mismanagement, abuse or other difficulty.


The Mission is able to support people through a crisis, but also does a lot of work around prevention to improve the quality of people’s lives and enable them to be more self sufficient. They have a number of services they provide across the city including a foodbank, night shelters, day programmes, emergency housing, budget services and social work. They provide an invaluable service to many who otherwise may not have support and assistance to get back on their feet.


At Nexia New Zealand we take our social responsibility seriously. We believe that we have a responsibility to assist, contribute and support our community, and we strive to do this at a company level, as well as individually.


We financially support the City Mission through a sponsorship arrangement in which we host quarterly business breakfasts as a fundraiser. We were pleased to have Scott Robertson, Crusaders coach, speak about high-performance leadership at our last breakfast. We are looking forward to the next one, which will be held in early 2019.


We recognise organisations like the City Mission require volunteers to ensure they are able to provide of the required service to their clients. We have our Nexia team helping out regularly with the meal preparation for the men’s night shelter, which has been greatly appreciated.    It’s been a great opportunity for our team to contribute, allowing some of them to step outside of their comfort zone and show their culinary skills.


The City Mission are currently running a fundraising campaign named ‘Walk of Stars’. This gives people and organisations the opportunity to donate and be recognised with a star along Oxford Terrace. Follow the link below to find more information and donate now:



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