The Christchurch Network for Professional Services

July 12, 2019

There was an excellent turnout for the first Christchurch Network event for the year. Kasey Love and the Nexia Associates organised the network and function to build stronger relationships across the city for Associate level Bankers, Lawyers and Accountants.


“We’ve felt there is a gap in the current networking strategy around the city and feel there is a need to connect at "this" level as we progress in our careers” said Kasey Love, Insolvency and Business Turnaround Manager at Nexia. “Its all about creating a fun environment where we can all connect with like-minded people”.


Nexia New Zealand sponsored the function, and the feedback has been positive, with a lot of new connections made and existing relationships fostered. The Christchurch Network for Professional Services will be holding another event at the end of the year, so if you are interested in being involved, then please send us a message via Nexia New Zealand ‘Contact Us’ page, so we have your details on record for future event invites.



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