4 Steps to a Successful Business - Step 4 - Management Reporting

February 4, 2020

Once you have your business plan, budget and cashflow planning in place, you are then well prepared to measure your financial results and the key drivers of your business.

Nexia New Zealand’s Management Reporting service incorporates the three steps we have previously discussed, and provides a mechanism to review performance on an ongoing basis. We are able to help you to identify the key drivers of your business, effectively establishing “Key Performance Indicators” which will help you stay on track to achieve your goals.  

Our team will send you a copy of your management reports, providing an analysis of your monthly or quarterly progress. We will help identify areas for improvement and set actions for you to complete prior to the next meeting to ensure you're on track to achieving your goals.

Your monthly or quarterly reporting will provide a snapshot of your results, giving you accurate and up to date information on which to base your decisions.

Management reporting benefits are:

  • Establish Key Performance Indicators for your business
  • Receive customised management reports to regularly measure your performance
  • Utilise visual dashboard summary of performance
  • Improve your financial awareness
  • Create a benchmark to compare future results against
  • Measure your actual results against your targets
  • Helps you to gain an understanding of the factors that impact your results
  • Sets the direction of your business and key areas to focus on


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Nexia New Zealand can assist you with all elements of management reporting. We have experienced and enthusiastic staff who would enjoy working with you to improve your cashflow and see your business succeed. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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